Schubin's Greatest Hits

The Small-Format HD Quality Puzzle

By almost every measure, small-format HD cameras should be worse than their larger counterparts.  So why do their pictures seem so good? They are HDTV and do use technologies available […]  More

Moving Slowly to the Next Miracle

Originally published in Videography October 2007 Who makes small professional HDTV camcorders?  That’s easy: Canon, JVC, Panasonic, and Sony.  Who else makes larger HDTV cameras?  Grass Valley, Hitachi, and Ikegami.  […]  More

Format Factor Fundamentals

Originally published in Videography magazine, May 2007 At last month’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention, a number of cameras drew interest. There were, for example, Grass Valley’s new version […]  More

New Year's Resolution

originally published in Videography January 2006 Numbers are peculiar. Most people would consider the question “Which is faster, a house or a statue?” unanswerable. “Which is heavier, an apple or […]  More

There's No Such Thing As HDTV

Originally published in Videography July 2005 Which is perceptually bigger: a tabletop-sized home video screen or the screen of a movie theater? Which offers a greater range of shades of […]  More

The Digital Shot Calculator

Originally published in Videography April 2005 A man stretches out both arms, hands with fingers together, thumbs stretched out and touching, as though framing a shot. He wears a cap […]  More

Preparing for Act III

Originally published in Videography November 2004 If videography is a grand drama, shooting may be considered Act I (with pre-production the Prologue). Post-production editing would then be Act II. If […]  More

The Cerulean Crux

Originally published in Videography October 2004 There are a number of problems associated with the display of video imagery. For one thing, physical objects have shapes. For another, shadows may […]  More

Focusing on Size

Originally published in Videography September 2004 Here are two questions currently facing videographers:  What is the size of a Super 35 mm film frame?  And, more important, who cares? Throughout […]  More

People Who Need People

this is a Originally published in Videography April 2004 The technology of videography advances inexorably, but those advances don’t eliminate the need for people. Question: How many videographers does it […]  More

By Whom? SMPTE Us

Originally published in Videography November 2003 Believe it or not, SMPTE really works only as a first-person pronoun. An announcement from Amsterdam in September stunned the computer world. Microsoft, notorious […]  More

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